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Municipal Waste Sorting Equipment

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Municipal Waste Sorting Equipment

Do you know how to deal with municipal waste? How much do you know about municipal waste sorting equipment? The following municipal waste sorting plant will give you a detailed introduction.

Urban waste is subdivided into four groups: material waste group (including glass, magnetic or non-magnetic metals, waste paper, rubber, plastic), organic waste group (kitchen waste, biological waste), inorganic waste group (furnace ash, Bricks, ceramics, etc.), toxic and hazardous waste groups (waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, pesticide containers, expired drugs, medical waste, and waste televisions, telephones, computers, and other waste electrical waste). The municipal waste sorting equipment is specially designed to deal with municipal waste. The following is a detailed introduction.

As we all know, world cities should be cities with important influence in the world. This influence is reflected in many aspects, but the level of garbage classification rate should undoubtedly be one of them. It’s hard to imagine how a city with a very low waste classification rate can assume the honor of being a world city. The current waste classification rate in Beijing is only about 10%. Most of the waste is landfilled because it cannot be classified. Waste has also caused environmental pollution, and a large amount of valuable land has become a landfill that can no longer be used. These very distressing results are caused by the fact that the garbage has not been sorted from the source. Therefore, to properly handle the garbage and find ways to increase the garbage classification rate requires functional departments to improve measures, and thousands of households need to start from the source. This is to save resources and protect the environment. Need is also a standard that cities in the world should have.

To achieve this, to meet the standards of the world's cities, we need to do enough homework in all aspects, and the concept of garbage classification needs to be penetrated into thousands of households. Only when everyone takes action can the garbage classification rate continue to increase. The standard of world cities It is possible to achieve it.

Humans produce a large amount of garbage every day, and garbage that is not sorted, recycled, reused, and disposed of will cause environmental pollution. Garbage sorting equipment is high-tech equipment that automatically sorts mixed garbage. Waste sorting equipment can carry out a subsequent comprehensive treatment and full reuse of waste, and achieve the goal of zero waste landfill. Whether it is mixed-collected municipal domestic waste, kitchen waste, or stale waste, the equipment can automatically, quickly, and effectively separate the plastic, paper, organic matter, batteries, packaging, and other physical components in the waste for the purpose of downloading One-step recycling.

The municipal waste sorting system changes the cumbersome pre-treatment process of traditional waste sorting, saves a lot of manual sorting costs and equipment investment, and achieves the maximum utilization of waste resources and the goal of zero landfills.

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