Screw Press


Screw press is designed for dewatering of film plastics, organic fraction of and refuse derived fuel from municipal solid waste, restaurant waste and digestate from high solid anaerobic digestor, etc. In general, the screw press separates a liquid or pasty phase from a well-structured coarse solid.

Dewatering performance of Screw press in typical application.

ItemFilm plasticsOrganics from MSW

           RDF from MSW

Moisture before press40-50%70-80%30-40%
Moisture after press20-25%60-70%20-30%

Specification of different screw press model

*Capacity (tph)10152030
Press limit (Nm)130160260320
Power (kW)18223745
Weight (T)36710

*Note: capacity is based on pressing organics from MSW

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