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Talking About the Structure of Garbage Sorting Equipment

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Talking About the Structure of Garbage Sorting Equipment

Waste solution equipment is mainly composed of garbage hydraulic ram equalizer, garbage block crusher, plastic impurity separator, multi-layer dryer, fully automatic hydraulic baler, conveyer impurity separator, crusher, It is composed of organic matter refining sorter, multi-function box sorter, and other equipment.

The specific equipment is introduced as follows:

1. Garbage Hydraulic Brake Equalizer

The equipment adopts box type, remote automatic control, has the characteristics of no leakage, no pollution, high efficiency, continuous operation, etc. It is equipped with unique master and driven rollers, anti-swelling, anti-winding device, crushing device, and equalizing device It can effectively play the role of pretreatment and balanced feeding of garbage and is the key equipment to ensure the smooth operation of subsequent processing nodes in the entire garbage sorting process.

2. Rubbish Block Crusher

As the key equipment for the preliminary treatment of domestic waste sorting, it mainly mixes and disperses the sticky and clumped garbage in the domestic garbage, automatically tears the bagged and boxed garbage, and automatically breaks the large pieces of organic matter. It is equipped with a moving hammer knife, static knife, and special anti-winding device. The balance plates at both ends realize stable operation, no vibration, large daily processing capacity (600t / 800t), low energy consumption, sealed type Production, no material leakage, no dust flying, safe and environmental protection, no pollution, unique and beautiful structure. It provides good conditions for the air separation of heavy materials and light materials in the entire waste separation process, and the magnetic separation of metals.

3. Plastic Impurity Separator

The equipment adopts a totally enclosed design, which is mainly used for tearing large pieces of garbage, making the pieces smaller, and equipped with a unique impurity separation structure, which can effectively separate the dust and other impurities in the garbage. It has the characteristics of simple structure, stable performance, thorough separation, and convenient operation.

4. Multi-Layer Dryer

As compulsory drying equipment for waste plastics containing moisture, it is mainly used for light materials that carry 4% -10% of moisture (lightweight refers to plastics content of 80% -90%, rubber, and clothing, etc.) Perform drying. The appearance of the multi-layer dryer adopts a closed design, which not only keeps heat and saves energy but also prevents pollution. The interior is a multi-layer S-shaped sports design, which is equipped with a main and driven roller, an adjustment device, an upper supporting wheel, a lower supporting wheel, and a conveyor network. . Its other function is to capture and store impurities to provide a good source for subsequent harmless cracking, ensuring normal production.

5. Hydraulic Automatic Plastic Baler Machine China

Compress and pack the cleaned waste plastics to lay the foundation for the next storage and pollution-free treatment. The equipment is mainly composed of frame, oil cylinder, oil pump, hydraulic valve, motor, and other components. It adopts PLC automatic control, simple operation, convenient maintenance, a high degree of automation, high pressure, continuous production, high work efficiency, and other characteristics.

6. Conveying Device

It is used for the transmission function between the main equipment in the waste comprehensive treatment and sorting equipment. The U-belt conveyor is used to transport the materials to the designated location. In order to control the diffusion of the odor during the waste sorting process, the conveyor is all equipped with a cover It is easy to disassemble and disassemble and facilitate maintenance, fully embodying the people-centered safety management concept.

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