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STAVN specialize in municipal solid waste separation and recycling solutions and equipment. With a team with over 20 years’ know-how and global experience, STAVN is confident to offer practical and reliable waste recycling solutions. STAVN offers the full service on the technology aspect, from conceptual design to planning, production, assembly supervision, start-up and servicing of components to complete recycling and sorting systems.

Solutions for:
◆ Refuse Derived Fuel
◆ High Moisture Content Municipal Solid Waste
◆ Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste

Our Equipment:
◆ Trommel Screens
◆ Ballistic Separators
◆ Air Classifiers
◆ Magnet
◆ Shredders
◆ Conveyors

Stavn Service

Stavn doesn’t only provide high-quality plants but also offer all-around services to our customers. According to different requirements of different customers, we can make specific business plans for them. This team is consist of experienced engineers and technicians who are responsible for helping the customers with the preliminary assembling and commissioning of the plants.

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