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  • Municipal Waste Sorting Equipment

    Do you know how to deal with municipal waste? How much do you know about municipal waste sorting equipment? The following municipal waste sorting plant will give you a detailed introduction.Urban waste is subdivided into four groups: material waste group (including glass, magnetic or non-magnetic me

  • How Can Garbage Sorting Equipment Recycle Garbage?

    Resource-saving (volume reduction and volume reduction) is a good way to prevent problems from the source.Resource-saving (volume reduction, volume reduction) is to reduce or suppress the production of plastic waste, including less use, that is, use as much as possible, or useless; or by filling na

  • Waste Screening Efficiency and Its Influencing Factors

    The garbage sorting equipment factory shares this article for you.(1) Screening efficiencyIn theory, the fine particles with a particle size smaller than the mesh size can pass through the mesh to become the under-screen product, while the coarse particles larger than the mesh size should be left on

  • Talking About the Structure of Garbage Sorting Equipment

    Waste solution equipment is mainly composed of garbage hydraulic ram equalizer, garbage block crusher, plastic impurity separator, multi-layer dryer, fully automatic hydraulic baler, conveyer impurity separator, crusher, It is composed of organic matter refining sorter, multi-function box sorter, a

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