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Source-separated Waste Sorting

Source-separated waste is household waste that consist of the paper, cardboard, plastic and so on. Household waste is solid and mixed that can be reusable and recycling. Many waste recycling systems are sorted further to produce raw materials by equipment for recycling. The premise is on the basis of source-separated waste collection.


The waste sorting plant will choose the suitable solution and equipment regarding to the degree of separation of domestic waste. If the waste is completely sorted, it will be fully automated and the work is relatively simple, which helps to protect the safety of workers. However, poorly separated waste needs manual sorting. Worker needs to be directly involved in the work process. Local activities determine the degree of waste separation. Sorting source waste in households will greatly improve the efficiency of waste sorting. The motivation for forcing the families to sorting is the advocacy and enforcement capabilities of the local government.


Some waste sorting plants are prepared to receive the fractions of source-separated waste, for example, paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, organics. In such waste sorting plants, waste separation using magnets and air separators are used to divide the waste into material streams, such as paper, metals and plastics. And other is manual sorting. It works at the belt conveyor. The worker will sort the waste into paper, cardboard, plastics.

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