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MSW Waste Sorting Machine Air Separator

The composition of municipal solid waste has changed greatly in recent years, and the content of packaging plastics has increased rapidly. For the waste sorting production line, the content exceeds the capacity of manual sorting, and the demand for plastic wind sorting technology is quietly increasing.

The main difference of various plastic wind separation technologies is reflected in the plastic separation and collection methods, which are inertial sedimentation separation, drum filtration separation, and cyclone separation.

In summary, the wind sorting device used for the separation of light and heavy materials has the following advantages:

1) Wind power is recycled, the system is slightly negative, and environmental pollution is small.

2) The resistance is small and the energy consumption is reduced. The air flow design is very smooth, conforms to the laws of fluid mechanics, and has the shortest path. The residual energy of centrifugal separation particles is converted into exhaust air pressure through the volute, which reduces the resistance of the system, and the air pressure demand of the fan is significantly reduced, and the power of the configured motor is significantly reduced.

3) The highest degree of equipment integration. Compared with the system with the same capacity, the footprint and height are the smallest.

4) The separation efficiency of light and heavy materials is high. The placement and use of the relay drum shortens the necessary distance for material blowing, reduces the cross section of the wind action, and strengthens the wind action, so that the material still falls on the heavy material output conveyor after the wind action is attenuated.

5) Because the centrifugal sedimentation device has the ability to separate dust, the wear of the fan impeller is greatly reduced, thereby maintaining the dynamic balance of the equipment.

The plastic sorting technology for urban domestic waste treatment in my country is still in its infancy. In the system design, we should strive to match the thickness of the material, the throwing speed, and the drop; by setting a relay drum in the winnowing room, it can greatly improve the attenuation of wind force and extend the conveying of light materials. Distance angle.

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