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The Importance of MRF Configuration

The configuration of a MRF processing line is critical to the overall quality of the materials marketed. It depends upon numerous factors including the types and quantities of materials to be processed, desired processing rates, and required specifications for the end products. While no two MRFs are identical, they generally employ common design principles and sequencing in the configuration of equipment and labor.


MRFs are designed in three dimensional space, taking advantage of height to facilitate materials handling and storage as well as minimize the facility footprint. As a general rule, incoming materials are elevated by conveyor belts to above-ground platforms where equipment and personnel separate out materials. It is also known as waste sorting system. which then fall into or are conveyed to interim storage bunkers. Recyclables are then processed (i.e. baled, densified, etc.) and placed into storage prior to being transported to markets. The major processing steps in a typical single stream or dual stream MRF are described in the following paragraphs.

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