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Methods of Waste Segregation

Dry Waste Segregation

This system consist the three segregation parts of waste in wet, dry and metal pieces. In this section elaborated part of dry waste segregation by using blower. When the waste is splattered on the conveyor belt it starts rotating. As the micro controller PIC16f877A gives instructions to blower it switched on. At that time part of dry waste segregation gets start, as the blowers blows high pressure air on the collected waste only the dry waste material is thrown out on another side of blower fan. After that segregated dry waste get collected for disposal.


Metal Waste Segregation

In this part of metal waste segregation, first step is to detect the metallic pieces and that metallic pieces gets attracted towards electromagnet. Electromagnet is the parameter referred to electro mechanics which creates temporary magnetic field. On conveyor belt there is special arrangement for the electromagnet. Electromagnet energies and generates the magnetic field, because of that magnetic field metallic pieces are detected and collected from all collected waste.


Wet Waste Segregation

Wet waste segregation is very accessible and uncomplicated process. Where other two segregation parts are done by using blower and electromagnet. In the first part of system blower is used for dry waste segregation after this metal parts segregation is done by using electromagnet. While done with these two segregations only wet waste is stays on the conveyor belt. Then it gets falls off due to gravity at the end of conveyor belt as it rolls continuous motion.

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