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Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)

A materials recovery facility (MRF) accepts materials, whether source separated or mixed, and separates, processes and stores them for later use as raw materials for remanufacturing and reprocessing. The main function of the MRF is to maximize the quantity of recyclables processed, while producing materials that will generate the highest possible revenues in the market. MRFs can also function to process wastes into a feedstock for biological conversion or into a fuel source for the production of energy. Although these waste management options of chemical transformation of wastes through combustion in conjunction with energy recovery and biological transformation in the form of aerobic and anaerobic composting are viable and proven technologies. MRF is a way to sort the waste for recycling. Hence, waste sorting is the core technology.


The stages involved in designing a MRF system to process commingled recyclables include:

1. Conceptual design

2. Evaluation of the markets and economics of operation

3. Development and gathering of data necessary for the design

4. Detailed engineering design of system

5. Siting design

6. Procurement of equipment

7. Construction

8. Processing of materials

9. Marketing

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