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Garbage Segregator

The economic value of the garbage generated is not realized unless it is recycled completely. When the garbage is segregated into basic streams such as wet, dry and metallic, the garbage has a higher potential of recovery, and consequently, recycled and reused.


The wet waste fraction is often converted either into compost or methane gas or both. The metallic garbage could be reused or recycled.  Even though there are large scale industrial garbage segregators present, it is always much better to segregate the garbage at the source itself. The benefits of doing so are that a higher quality of the material is retained for recycling which means that more value could be recovered from the garbage. The occupational hazard for garbage workers is reduced.


Also, the segregated garbage could be directly sent to the recycling and processing plant instead of sending it to the segregation plant then to the recycling plant. As we move towards a more digitalized future, it is directly proportional to increase in urbanization and industrialization. This is the main cause of generation of large amount of garbage. As per the report published by World Bank, approximately 1.3 billion tons of municipal garbage is generated every year and it is expected to rise to approximately 2.2 billion tons per year by 2025. Due to this garbage lies littered in the surrounding, dumped on open lands and this becomes major problem for various types of disease-causing bacteria and viruses which is why garbage management is of vital importance.  Segregation makes it possible to reuse and recycle the garbage effectively. So, the garbage management becomes an important concern for the health and well-being of the society. Presently, the garbage segregation is done manually by installing different bins for collecting different type of garbage such as wet, dry and metal etc. But this method has lot of discrepancy; one is being the Unawareness of most people towards garbage management.


Due to lack of proper segregation methods, a large amount of untreated garbage is dumped as landfills.  So, our idea is to make a garbage separator which can identify the type of garbage and put them in different bins accordingly and automatically.  Implementing our project at household level will reduce the expenditure on garbage disposal, manual effort required for garbage segregation and the garbage could be easily being recycled, reused and reduced.

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