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Improving The Efficiency of Garbage Separation

Today, the focus is on wind sorting equipment, used in garbage separation station. It is important to improve the efficiency of air separator in China, but the mixing and water-bearing characteristics of MSW make process design and system design the most important factors to improve efficiency, which should be given priority.


1. Material factors


Water content, bag breaking rate, winding condition.


The moisture content of primary waste is as high as 60%, and the plastic to be sorted sticks to residuum and greasy substances. The moisture content of the decomposed garbage is reduced to about 30~40%, and the plastic surface has less adhered to sundries. Extracting plastic from the latter is far easier than the former.


Primary waste plastic selection is often installed behind the trommel screen. Because of their on-screen properties, entanglements often ball the plastic. Therefore, air sorting is not easy to succeed, efficiency can not go up. Therefore, the overall consideration from the process point of view is the most important link to improve the efficiency of plastic wind separation. The relative separation efficiency will be the highest if the plastic is selected in the stage after maturity.

2. Design factors


Conveying equipment logistics thickness, scattering speed, drop.


In the location of the wind separator, if the thickness of the upstream belt conveyor logistics is too large or uneven, the scattering speed is too small, especially the fall is insufficient and the dispersion is poor, the sorting efficiency will be reduced.


The above two factors indicate that the key to improve the efficiency of plastic separation is to arrange suitable wind separation equipment from the whole process and the whole production line system.

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