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Importance of Garbage Sorting

Solid waste management has become one of the main issues in both urban and rural areas all over the world. With the progress of civilization, the waste generated become more complicated in nature. It is an undeniable fact that the environment has been engulfed in filth. This filth comprises of the garbage and waste generated in homes, workplace and industrial setups. Most of this waste has found its way into the streets, gutters, in and around the homes. Now-a-days the wastes are dumped as landfill, in some cases some chemicals are added to it to decompose the waste and the major problem of solid waste disposal is plastic separation and they are separated manually and recycled. Domestic waste collection, sorting and disposal are major problems in many countries. Garbage needs to be sorted into various components and each of such components like textile materials; polythene, foodstuffs, metals and non-metallic would then have to be handled separately at the disposal or recycling site. Such a process required a certain degree of literacy, discipline and certain basic equipment, for example separate collector bins or sorting bags. Currently, most garbage collection is done by depositing everything into a single container from where they are hauled to be dumped in landfills or burnt in incinerators. Thus sincere efforts to handle an upcoming disaster are to be coordinated for reducing waste generation, and also its effective disposal, involving primary collection, segregation, recycling to the extent possible and treatment through appropriate technology to reduce their harmful effects to a reasonably acceptable level. The solid waste characteristics reveals that in India the organic fraction of the waste makes up 40-85% of the waste depending on income and lifestyle of the population. By recycling this, a significant contribution could be made towards reduction of volume of the waste materials. 

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