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Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Technology(1)

Sorting Treatment Technology

Separation of solid waste is the main way to reduce the amount of its resources. With the help of separation treatment, some valuable substances in solid waste can be sorted out and harmful solid waste can be isolated. It is also possible to separate solid wastes of different particle size levels. The utilization principle of the separation process takes full account of the material difference between different solid wastes. For example, solid waste is sorted according to magnetic and non-magnetic differences, solid waste is sorted according to particle size differences, and solid waste is sorted according to specific gravity differences. Solid waste sorting methods include manual sorting, screening, gravity sorting, magnetic sorting, optical sorting and so on.

Incineration Pyrolysis Technology

Incineration is to decompose harmful fertilizer into harmless substances through deep oxidation and high temperature decomposition of solid waste. Combined with the current situation of solid waste generation, the proportion of combustibles in solid waste is gradually increasing, so incineration and pyrolysis method has gradually become the main way of solid waste treatment. Incineration method can treat a large amount of solid waste at one time, using professional incineration equipment for treatment, but the disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of money, incineration equipment damage faster, and may cause air pollution in the process of incineration. In addition, pyrolysis is also a common technology for treating solid waste. This technology is to heat solid waste at high temperatures in an oxygen-free or aanoxic environment and pyrolysis it into gas, liquid or solid products. This treatment technology is less costly than incineration.

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