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Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Technology(2)

Curing technology

The so-called curing treatment technology is to add curing materials to solid waste, and make use of the characteristics of solid waste to contain it in the inert curing substrate to form curing products. The cured products formed after treatment with this technology have good permeability resistance, dry and wet resistance, freeze and thaw resistance and so on. The cured products obtained after treatment can be applied to construction as basic materials, can also be used for roadbed materials, or directly for landfill treatment. The commonly used curing technology mainly includes asphalt curing, self-gelatine curing, cement curing and glass curing, etc.

Biological treatment

With the help of microbial metabolism process to deal with waste is biological treatment technology, the advantage of this treatment technology is decomposition treatment can be a number of harmful substances into the direction of harmless substances. More common, for example, is the use of earthworms for solid waste treatment, and through the artificial breeding to increase the number of earthworms, research data show that the earthworm eats daily garbage weight can reach 2 ~ 3 times their own weight, and by excluding the earthworms after swallowing food metabolism belongs to high quality solid waste biological fertilizer, can be used in agricultural production, improve the utilization rate of waste. Other common creatures that do the same job are cockroaches, which also turn solid waste into organic fertilizer. Microbial treatment technology is not only low cost, but also simple to use and easy to be popularized.

Reuse treatment

Part of the solid waste is not in the true sense of waste, which is very much waste in after secondary processing can be used again, this should make full use of this feature, as far as possible improve secondary utilization of solid waste, not only can realize the effective treatment of solid waste, reduce the influence of the solid waste on the ecological environment, and at the same time can also turn, Improve the utilization of resources and economic efficiency, and implement the concept of sustainable development. In recent years, for example, are more widely use of variant garbage processing of secondary resource utilization, mainly to some can again use the living garbage, after adding corresponding biological chemicals or other auxiliary materials, using the reaction of the chemicals which will waste into the compound building materials can be used again, improve resource utilization.

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