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Selection Factors of Waste Sorting Technology

Garbage sorting technology has been studied by a large number of scholars, and a lot of results have been obtained. Moreover, it has been widely applied in practice with outstanding and satisfactory results. Considering that different cities have different conditions, the sorting technology will also make corresponding changes according to the local actual conditions. The selection and application of garbage sorting technology should take into account the following five factors:


(1) regional factors;

(2) Technical factors;

(3) Economic and financial factors;

(4) environmental factors;

(5) Legal and policy factors


These factors should be thoroughly investigated, analyzed and evaluated in detail before each programme selection. And on this basis, combined with the advantages and disadvantages of garbage sorting technology, choose the most suitable garbage sorting technology in the local situation. 

For example, manual sorting is suitable for areas with complex waste composition, difficult to distinguish by machinery and large proportion of recyclable resources. Screening sorting is suitable for waste water, organic matter more areas;Gravity separation technology is more traditional, less investment. It can be widely used in all areas, especially small and medium-sized cities; Magnetic separation has a large investment and is suitable for industrial developed cities or high-tech development zones with large metal content in garbage. Flotation separation has great influence on the environment, so attention should be paid to the selection.

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