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Factors Which Influence the Sustainability of MSW - STAVN

Sustainability of MSW processing and disposal technology depends upon multidimensional factors such as climatic conditions, environmental impacts, land criteria, economic & financial conditions, social and political condition. A technology becomes sustainable when it is technically suitable, financially viable, economically beneficial and socially accepted. Different factors and its elements which may influence the sustainability of municipal waste processing technology have been listed below:



Waste Characteristics, quantity of waste, consistency of supply chain of raw materials,


Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity, solar radiation and wind flow pattern, flood situation


Availability of land, Land restriction criterion,


Capital cost and O&M cost, availability of finance, cost of finance, tipping fee, price of auxiliary fuel or additive materials, CDM benefits etc.


Location of the plant, demand supply position of the product, Price of the product (output), Industrial scenario of the place, employment generation, savings of natural resources, GHG avoidance, availability of technology and equipment, availability of auxiliary fuel or feed materials, saving of natural resources etc.


Environmental rules and regulations, Land use pattern, protection of ground water and water bodies, reduction of green house gas etc.

Social and Political

Culture and habits of the citizens, Govt. policies and procedures, political stability, acceptability of the society, availability of human resources

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