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Garbage Management Systems

Municipal solid waste (MSW) is a term usually applied to a heterogeneous collection of garbage produced in urban areas. Generally, urban garbage can be subdivided into two major components: organic and inorganic. The characteristics and quantity of the solid garbage generated in a region is a function of the standard of living in the city or country. Garbage generated in developing countries have a large proportion of organic garbage, while the garbage in developed countries are more diversified with relatively larger shares of plastics and paper.


Sustainable garbage management systems are needed to handle the increasing amount of household garbage in the world. Due to the fact that garbage sorting is an important process in recycling and safe disposal of garbage materials, it is critical to increasing the amount of garbage that is recycled, as well as quality of recycled materials. Selection of appropriate technology is necessary to reduce the garbage volume primarily and to utilize garbage as the energy source because of the calorific value inside.


The more effectively garbage is sorted, the more efficient the recycling process, enabling the production of secondary raw materials of an equivalent or higher quality than virgin material.  It's necessary to design and improve the automatic garbage sorting machine. STAVN is implementing this ideal all the time. The developed automated garbage sorting machine incorporated flexibility and separation.


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