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Municipal Solid Waste Segregation

Garbage segregation refers to the separation of the proposed “useful” materials from the garbage stream at the point of generation. Segregation of garbage can save valuable resources in the form of saved hours required to deal with the un-segregated garbage. With the segregation of garbage in the MRF, the amount of garbage going to the landfill is greatly reduced. Further, in the absence of the garbage segregation, composting or recycling is not possible. In addition to this, the environmental damage and filth associated with un-segregated garbage poses a health threat to the people, which can be avoided by proper segregation method. Discarded products and garbage materials potentially still have some economic value if reused or returned to the technological cycle. However, source segregation is one of the prerequisites for successful and economically feasible recycling activities. Rather than considering MSW simply as residue to be thrown away, it should be recognized as resource materials for the production of energy, compost and fuel depending upon the economically viability, local condition and sustainability of the project on long term which can be made effective by source segregation.  


The common MSWM problem of developing countries, especially in Asia is that garbage segregation is either not yet started or not optimized enough to allow proper garbage treatment. Recyclables are not separated at source and are mixed with organic garbage thus making it difficult to separate. Additionally, the moisture level of the mixed garbage is high. This high moisture level is true especially in countries like India, Indonesia, Sri-lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Thailand.   However, the potential of these high moisture garbage to be made into compost is ruined by the contamination of hazardous garbage which is included in the mixed garbage, making it a lower quality, if not, toxic containing compost that farmers are reluctant to buy and apply to their crops.


STAVN always design the garbage sorting solutions for the developing countries to improve the local environment.  Using the cost-effective solutions to realize the customer's goal.

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