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Garbage Segregation in Developing Countries

Waste management faces numerous difficulties because of its enormous, quickly developing populace in a densely populated nation in the developing nations. Pollution from municipal solid waste has been a problem for a long time. People generate garbage in every minute. Ineffective garbage segregation does increase difficulties in solid waste management.

Dynamic increase in the amount of garbage and despicable dumping of garbage has become a matter of concern because of the threat it causes to the environment. There comes the pivotal role of an automated garbage segregate which avoid this plight and also reduces the difficulty of recycling. The importance and the economic value of garbage is realized only when it is segregated. Garbage separation system for segregation of metal, dry and wet garbages etc. STAVN can propose semi-automatic or automatic garbage segregation unit that effectively gives a solution to this problem. In order to segregate the garbage a practical and cost-effective sorting system is designed. The benefits of this work are, the garbage has a higher potential for recovery and the occupational hazards of garbage separation workers is also reduced. 

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