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Garbage Sorting System

Municipal solid waste (MSW) is defined to include refuse from households, non-hazardous solid waste from industrial, commercial and institutional establishments (including hospitals), market waste, yard waste, and street sweepings. Municipal solid waste management (MSWM) refers to the collection, transfer, treatment, recycling, resources recovery and disposal of solid waste in urban areas. The goals of municipal solid waste management are to promote the quality of the urban environment, generate employment and income, and protect environmental health and support the efficiency and productivity of the economy.

Garbage sorting system has emerged as one of the greatest challenges facing state and local government environmental protection agencies. The volume of solid waste being generated continues to increase at a faster rate than the ability of the agencies to improve on the financial and technical resources needed to parallel this growth. Garbage sorting system in many countries are characterized by inefficient collection methods, insufficient coverage of the collection system and improper disposal of solid waste. STAVN can help them solve these problems. The practical and reliable garbage sorting solutions designed by STAVN can improve the local waste management system.

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