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Garbage Problem in Developing Countries

The quantity of solid waste generated in urban areas in industrialized countries is higher than in developing countries; still municipal solid waste management remains inadequate in the latter. Solid waste in developing countries differs from developed countries. Most developing countries, Nigeria, inclusive have solid waste management problems different from those found in industrialized countries in areas of composition, density, political, and economic framework, garbage amount, access to garbage for collection, awareness and attitude. The garbage are heavier, wetter and more corrosive in developing cities than developed cities.


In developing countries, local authorities spend 77-95% of their revenue on collection and the balance on disposal, but can only collect almost 50-70% of municipal solid waste (MSW). We should focus our attention on garbage sorting technology. Efficient sorting technology can reduce garbage that be sent to landfill. Hence, the garbage problem will be solved efficiently. Contact STAVN to get the practical garbage sorting solutions and to figure out the environment problem.

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