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Manual And Automatic Sorting Technologies in MRF

Garbage sorting system present at this MRF is manual and automatic. Human sorters present at the side of conveyor belts that transfer the materials, to manually grasp the assignment material category. The semiautomated part is the sortation of ferrous, non-ferrous, organic materials, whereby electromagnets and eddy current separation machines are used respectively.


Some common problems of MRFs such as the one under consideration is the fact that it relies almost solely on visual inspection of the commingled garbage passing on the conveyor. Material surge could occur, thus not giving time for a sorter to grasp all the materials assigned. The conveyor belt has to move at a slow rate to allow time for materials to be visually identified. Fatigue of sorters is also present due to having two shifts, together with the fact that their job is repetitive and boring. Health issues such as skin problems are inevitable in these facilities. Given these problems, it is natural to consider the application of some of the various modern automated material handling and sensing technologies to material recovery.


Above technologies mentioned should be improved to reduce the risk of the manual sorter health. Meanwhile, garbage sorting efficiency will be raised. STAVN combines both manual and automatic technologies to maximize the benefits of garbage separation plant.

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