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Magnetic Separator in MRF

Magnetic separator function in garbage sorting plant is to extractal ferrous whose materials from the rest of the commingled container stream. The efficiency with which this task is accomplished is a function of the design of the magnetic separator, the bed depth of the materials subjected to the magnetic field, the ratio of ferrous containers to other materials and the proportion of ferrous containers which are filled or partially filled with food, liquid or other substances.


Once separated from the other containers and depending upon the markets, the ferrous containers are manually sorted (sorting station in MRF) into two streams, i.e., bimetal and tin. Residue is collected and transported to landfill. Bimetal containers may be flattened, baled, or densified into biscuit form. Tin cans may be flattened or shredded and introduced to an air classifier for the removal of labels loosened by the flattening, or shredding process. Alternatively, tin cans may be flattened, baled or densified with ferrous cans that are not removed by the or without bimetal cans. Magnetic separator from the commingled containers stream are conveyed to a sorting station where manual separation takes place. The cans removed manually are returned, by means of conveyors,to join the ferrous removed by the magnetic separator.  Different conditions needs different solutions. Garbage sorting system has to be suitable for the local garbage characteristics. Learn more about magnetic separator and MRF:info@stavn.cn

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