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    Air separator separates the materials in light and heavy fraction materials using air provided by the recirculation fan. The heavy fraction falls through the airflow behind the discharge opening of the conveyor directly on the heavy fraction conveyor and will be transported for further processing. The light materials are conveyed by air, with a little help from the internal drum, towards the expansion room behind the drum section. In the expansion room the solid materials will be separated from the airflow. The light fraction material output will be discharged by a light fraction conveyor while the air will be returned to the circulation fan through the air return duct.

    Model AS1000 AS1200 AS1400
    Input conveyor width(mm) 1000 1200 1400
    Air return duct diameter (mm) 550 600 650
    Throughput (tph) 20 30 40
    Power (kW) 22 30 37
    Weight (t) 5 6 7

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