• Factors Which Influence the Sustainability of MSW Processing and Disposal Projects

    Sustainability of MSW processing anddisposal technology depends upon multidimensional factors such as climaticconditions, environmental impacts, land criteria, economic & financialconditions, social and political condition. A technology becomes sustainablewhen it is technically suitable, financially viable, economically beneficialand socially accepted. Different factors and its elements which may influencethe sustainability of municipal waste processing technology have been listed below: Tech…

  • How do Waste-to-Energy Plants Work?

    Municipal solid waste(MSW), often called garbage, is used to produce energy at waste-to-energyplants and at landfills. MSW contains: ◆Biomass,or biogenic (plant or animal products), materials such as paper, cardboard,food waste, grass clippings, leaves, wood, and leather products ◆Nonbiomasscombustible materials such as plastics and other synthetic materials made frompetroleum ◆Noncombustiblematerials such as glass and metals The process ofgenerating electricity in a mass-burn w…

  • Biogas Production from Municipal Solid Waste

    MSW mainly contains yard waste, office paper, corrugated printednewspaper, fruit and vegetable peel waste, leaf waste, food waste, and leaflitter, amongst which food waste accounts for the majority of the organicfraction of MSW. AD is a suitable option for the treatment of MSW, providedthat proper waste segregation is practiced. However, a major challenge forbiogas production from MSW is unawareness among people about the segregation ofthe organic and inorganic fractions of MSW. Thegrey waste s…

  • Refuse Derived Fuel from Municipal Solid Waste

    MunicipalSolid Waste (MSW) that contains mixtures of paper, wood, green wastes, foodwastes, Plastics, leather, and rubber can have energy characteristics similarto wood. Use of MSW as a fuel can be accomplished by burning the as-receivedmaterial, called mass burning, but processing is often required before it canbe burned effectively. The purpose is to reduce size and remove materials,valuable materials or non-combustible materials by waste sorting system inorder to be reclaimed and used as alter…

  • Waste Segregation Is the Key

    In2016, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) came out with a report onSolid Waste Management titled. It was clear from the report that cities thatare segregating their waste have been able to effectively process and treat it.While some have achieved the status of zero landfill cities, others are workingtowards becoming Zero Waste. Theargument that segregation is the key for waste management was only strengthenedrecently with the release of the Swachh Survekshan 2018 results. Most of th…

  • Waste Sorting Plants - Extracting Value from Waste

    In its crudest form, mixed municipalsolid waste has little value. The individual materials contained in mixedmunicipal solid waste, however, do have value: once recovered, they can replacevirgin materials in the manufacture of new products, and removing them from thewaste stream reduces the amount of waste sent to final treatment. Waste sortingplants can be used to recover materials from the municipal solid waste streamby acting as a filter between collection and disposal.Interacting economic and…

  • The Importance of Automatic Sorting Technology for Municipal Solid Waste

    Rapid urbanization and industrializationare causing an unprecedented rise in the generation of municipal solid waste(MSW) worldwide. Countries with a relatively higher GDP tend to produce a largerquantity of MSW. Projections show that the generation of MSW across majormetropolitan cities worldwide will rise from 1.3 billion tonnes in 2012 to 2.2billion tonnes in 2025. MSW is often a rich source of various useful recyclablematerials such as metal, paper, plastic, and glass. Effective MSW managemen…

  • Management of Organic Waste Recycling Program

    Conceptof waste recycling rather than simply waste treatment has received wide attention.A combination of waste treatment and recycling such as through biogas (methane)production, composting, or aquaculture, besides increasing energy or foodproduction, will, if carried out properly, reduce pollution and diseasetransfer. Waste recycling also brings about a financial return on the biogas,compost, and algae or fish which may be an incentive for the local people to beinterested in the collection and …

  • General Description of Waste Sorting, Separation and Compost

    Inthis article, source-separated waste means a defined but mixed fraction ofdomestic waste, e.g. a reusable fraction composed of paper, cardboard andplastic materials. Source-sorted waste is a more pure fraction of domesticwaste, e.g. the glass or news paper fraction. Manywaste recycling systems are based on the collection of source-separated orsource-sorted waste, which is further sorted to produce raw materials bymachine for waste recycling. Thedegree of separation of the domestic waste rec…

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